Tuesday, 14 April 2009

HELP & F.A.Q's (Scroll down for posts)

*** Update for Mac Users ***
A good friend tells me the Ez7z worked perfectly and easily with split & zipped video files on his Mac where as the 2nd link gave the similar problems
So if you use a Mac - Please use this:http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/19139/ez7z

HELP & F.A.Q's
This post is dedicated to providing instructions and solutions to any problems you may experience with files on any of the three 'Victory Rose' blogs.
The post will eventually provide 'how to' sections containing such things as, unziping files, tagging issues, converting files, and much more.
This post is ongoing, if you have or have had any problems or questions please leave a comment below or email: victoryrosemusic@googlemail.com

Section 01 - Windows users (Winrar)
problems unzipping split video files

Solution 1

The files are zipped using 7zip so I would recommend using this program to unzip them. 7zip is said to be one of the most highly rated compression programs on the market - and its free.
1, download it here (i have linked to the 'Cnet' page so you can review it yourself before downloading) [LINK]
(physical address - http://download.cnet.com/7-Zip/3000-2250_4-10045185.html)
2, right click on 'file 001' (view the file under details)
3, select 7zip
4, select extract files
5, choose directory - click OK

solution 2

If you still have problems you can try two more things: 1, extract files to a different place 2, try extracting from the last file rather than the first

solution 3

If the above doesn't work I can share the file directly with you through the peer to peer network DC++ Please email me directly so we can set this up

Section 02 - MAC Users

Unzipping and re-joining video files

Sigur Ros - Reykjavik 30.07.2006 VIDEO (example used)

Note for Mac users: Drag the downloaded p5 file onto Stuffit Expander to expand it. Then follow the directions for “Joining split files with MacHacha.” You will choose the 001.zip file when you Alphajoin in MacHacha. Do not try to drag the 001.zip file to Stuffit Expander or you will likely get a message that the archive is damaged.

"Decompression failed" message at the end of a download on Mac Safari

Q: I’ve downloaded a .001 (or .002, .003, etc) file and in my download window it says “decompression failed.” When I view the file in the Finder, it shows the file, plus what appears to be a copy of the file with “.download” at the end of the file name. What’s going on?

A: The “decompression failed” message occurs because Safari is trying to automatically open the file immediately after downloading it. The “decompression failed” message does not mean the file is damaged.

You can avoid the message by changing a Safari preference:

1. Go to Safari > Preferences.

2. Select General.

3. Uncheck the box “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading.”

Joining split files with MacHacha

Q. What do I do with all these numbered (.001, .002, etc) files?

A. First, download all the files in the set and make sure they are in the same folder. You will then piece them together with a utility like MacHacha (freeware). You can do this successfully even if one or more of the files produced the “decompression failed” message upon download.

Here’s what you do:

1. Download an install MacHacha. Here’s one place where you can get it:


2. Also make sure you have Stuffit Expander installed. Free Expander download is available here:


3. Open MacHacha.

4. Choose File > Alphajoin.

5. Select the first file in the group (it will either start with .001 or .001.zip) and press the Choose button.

6. It says “I will use [the name of the thing you chose] as the base to [name it plans to give the final output]. You can change the latter if you like. Click OK.

8. After a moment you will have a new file next to the others which doesn’t contain .zip or .download as a file extension. Probably it will end with .001, but be a MacHacha file. If you’re unsure which is the joined file, check the date/time and it will be the most recent file.

8. Drag the new, joined file onto Stuffit Expander.

9. After a moment, you should have a joined .avi file, or whatever it might be.

Section 3 Mac Users

Convert FLAC files to something iTunes can read (For Macintosh users)

1. If you have not already done so, unzip the .zip files you downloaded using a utility like Stuffit Expander [link we used in previous post]. After unzipping, you should have a folder containing .flac files.

2. Close iTunes and QuickTime, if they are open.

3. Download and install Fluke [http://blowintopieces.com/fluke/].

4. Restart iTunes.

5. Drag the .flac files onto the Fluke icon and you should see them get converted into iTunes. Alternatively, you can right-click/ctrl-click on the FLAC files and choose Open With > Other, then navigate to Fluke under Applications and press Open.

If for some reason Fluke doesn’t work for you, try the “Longer method to play FLAC files in iTunes” instructions [


Note: The files will need to be renamed in iTunes so that you will have the correct song titles and such.

Playing FLAC files on your iPod

iPod’s cannot read FLAC files. So even if you have FLAC files playing in iTunes, they will not transfer to your iPod. The only way to get iPod to recognize them is to convert them to a lossy format. If you are willing to do that, follow these instructions to convert them to the .m4a format iPod will read.

1. Open iTunes.

2. Select the file(s) and choose Advanced > Create AAC version.

3. You will then have duplicates in iTunes: the FLAC version and the AAC version. Only the AAC versions will transfer to the iPod when you sync it.


  1. Hi. Love your work. I have a question? I would like to contact the person who recorded a Sigur ros show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney Australia, on the 12/04/06. I have a setlist of the show and the recording from Victory Rose, doesn't have Vidrar vel til loftarasa in it. Even though the setlist does, and I deffinately remember it being played. Could you possibly pass this onto them for me. There is $$ riding on this bet too, so any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have a recording of their Sydney show from 2005 on cd. Would you like a copy?

  2. Hi anonymous:)
    Which 2005 show exactly do you have? Here is the setlist which is the same as my upload. (i dont have the original anymore but here is the info text that came with it)

    The taper info is here: if you dont have access I can email him on your behalf:

    email me: victoryroselossless@gmail.com x


    Show date: 04/12/2006
    Media: FLAC
    Venue: Enmore Theatre
    Location: Sydney - Australia
    Sets: All
    Rec. equipment:
    Source: AUD
    Grade: A-
    Show notes:
    Enmore Theatre - Sydney - Australia - 12 april 2006 - setlist : takk - glósóli - ný batterí - sæglópur - e bow - hoppípolla - með blóðnasir - olsen olsen - njósnavélin - svo hljótt - heysátan - hafsól - smáskífa - popplagið

    source: Soundman OKM-II Rock Studio > A3 > Nomad JB3 > WAV > FLAC
    taper: auroboros
    trade status: can trade

    disc 1 - 8 tracks - 72:11
    disc 2 - 3 tracks - 32:32

    notes: Debut my new mics tonight, with very nice results. A great show, and I’m pleased
    to have captured it well. Sigur Ros are natural and beautiful.

  3. Dear Jon, I really appreciate your work and wanted to thank you for the hard work you do to make other people happy.
    These days I wondered myself why you don't upload your shows to archive.org, the live music archive? No more hosting costs. And when you have the band permission nobody will delete the shows.
    Maybe this can help. Thank you once again!


If you have problems please email me: victoryrosemusic@googlemail.com