Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sigur ros - Gaukir i Stong 00.04.1999 - VIDEO

Sigur ros - Gaukir i Stong 00.04.1999 - VIDEO

From the web:
Sigur ros's first performance with current drummer Orri. Very rare footage of Sigur ros performing at Gaukur Stong, Reykjavik, Iceland, Spring 1999. This is the oldest footage of the band playing that I know is available to see. The setlist is as follows:
Setlist: - Tuning - Lagio i Gaer - E-bow - Syndir Guos - Von - The Christmas Song - Danarfregnir Og Jaroafarir - Sven-G-Englar - Popplagio (cut)

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(You can now watch this video as well as download it here at Victoryroselossless)

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  1. Thanks for this. There are some very rare songs here.

  2. Hy!Don't have more valid links.And exists other good video from 1999.Does have you???Thanks a lot

  3. @Ricwer - This is the only live video from 1999 but there are some from 2000 onwards :) Keep checking here for updates:


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