Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sigur ros - Reykjavik Homecoming Concert 27.10.2005 VIDEO

Sigur ros - laugardalshöllin Reykjavik Homecoming Concert 27.10.2005 VIDEO

sigur rós, accompanied by amina and a nine-piece brass band, held a very special concert in their hometown reykjavík. seventeen musicians were on stage at once, and the audio and visuals, backdrops and lights all came together magnificently. in the words of the band: "our best concert this year".

Full 132 minute web cast video
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[MF] part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

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  1. The downloads are all telling me that they're corrupted when I try and unpack them. It may be something to do you with adding .001/.002 etc to the end of each archive meaning that something odd goes on.
    Either way the download is buggered for me.
    Incedently I had the same problem with the Mono DVD/video that you posted. I've tried unpacking with WinRar, 7zip, Winzip and Window's Zip Wizard, all of them give the same error.


  2. hi jimster. I have u2u you in sigur thread. If all else fails i will send you what you like on a DVD. Dont worry - you will get the vids one way or another!
    best wishes Jon. Let me know on email listed

  3. Everything ok. thanks :)

  4. To use these files you need to join the 5 parts together. What program you use will depend what OS you are using. On my Mac I used a program called 'Split & Concat'.

    Admin - Thanks for posting this, and indeed for this entire blog site. As someone that only discovered Sigur Ros earlier this year it is wonderful to catch some of the stuff I have missed out on. Managed to catch them in Bristol (England) on the recent tour, and can't wait to see them again/

  5. I almost dismissed this because the video is kinda small and low res, but the sound is incredible on this one, and the performance (especially the vocals) are fantastic.

  6. Hey, please, you can upload this in mediafire?

  7. Thanks a lot, These videos are dificult.Beatiful.


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