Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sigur Ros - Columbus, OH - 07.11.2002 VIDEO

Sigur Ros - Columbus, OH - 07.11.2002 VIDEO

Lineage: ?

Audience Cam concert from 2002. All things considered this is a great concert, good picture over all, good sound and a fantastic concert. There are the inevitable wobbles but the cameramen did a great job.

Set List:

01 Vaka
02 Fyrsta
03 Samskyeti
04 Salka
05 Ný batterí
06 Njósnavelin
07 Sven-G-Englar
08 Mìlàno
09 Hafssól
10 Olsen Olsen
11 Popplagið

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  1. Thanks so much for all! It's so great!

  2. There is a lot more concert videos spread throughout the site of Sigur ros but they take a bit of finding. I cant even find them myself half the time !! :^ )

  3. It's a real pleasure to echange about Sigur Ros! One more question lol. What is the difference between this blog and victoryroseless?
    I'll try to visit much them as soon as possible.

  4. Hi Emerline
    victoryrose lossless is purely Sigur ros. These concerts are uncompressed ie: best possible quality BUT much bigger file size. This blog is Sigur ros 320 kbps MP3. Best possible quality, properly Re-mastered for compressed mp3 files. Also this site hosts SR related music. Stuff that SR fans are likely to like also. - There is a lot of poor quality mp3 SR out there. Hopefully we can now have a collection of consistantly superb quality Lossless and highest possible quality MP3 to choose from
    : )

  5. This concert is very interesting: love the set-list, good sound... and smile watching Jonsi's face when he sings the first part of Samskeyti :)

  6. Hey Victory Rose!
    Thanks a lot for all these wonderful shows!
    All the best,

  7. When will it be available again?

  8. Hi, everything can be found on http://victoryroselossless.blogspot.co.uk/

    Ive just posted this one to stream and download :D

  9. everything is hosted here now :D you can both stream and download this one...just posted it as well


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