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Sigur Ros - Reykjavik 30.07.2006 VIDEO - Re mastered Sound Track 09

Sigur Ros - Reykjavik 30.07.2006 VIDEO - Re mastered Sound Track 09

Lineage: Icelandic TV >DVD > AVI (highest settings) ¦ PCM 1539 kbps soundtrack >WAV> Re-Master > MP3 320kbps

A great video originally broadcast on Icelandic Cable TV. The sound has been improved greatly. The original was very low in volume and quite flat. The audio is now much brighter, louder and has that great 'live' sound. There is an occasional background intermittent buzzing on the right channel which I believe is some residue from the original broadcast but certainly not enough to spoil your enjoyment. This concert was one of, if not the largest free concert ever held in klambratún park, Miklatan, in Reykjavik. It ended a year long tour.

Massive thanks to Alyssa for making this post possible
Set List:

01 Takk
02 Glósóli
03 Ný batterí
04 Vaka
05 Sæglópur
06 Njósnavélin
07 Hoppípolla
08 Með blóðnasir
09 Olsen olsen
10 Viðrar vel til loftárása
11 Sé lest
12 Svefn-g-englar
13 Svo hjótt
14 Heysátan
15 Smáskifa
16 Popplagið

[MF] part1 part2 part3 part4 part5   (Part 1 - new link 10/12/10)

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  1. the last part isn't working any more. Is it possible to reupload?


  2. Try renaming the p5 file so that it matches the other 4. Some underscores are missing in the p5 filename. Once all 5 file names match up, then your joining program should be able to find and join all 5 parts.

  3. I give up on Reykjavik 2006. Neither Mac nor PC will do it. It is the first vid that will itself not be let wrestled down. Have tried for hours and hours. Any suggestions here?

  4. Tried on Linux, don't have the patience for lesser OS :-)

    1) Unzip the file that ends ""

    This leaves you with a file that ends in ".zip.005" but where there are spaces " " in the filename instead of underscores "_"

    2) Rename the file that ends ".zip.005" so that all the spaces are replaced with underscores

    3) Join the files together. No idea what the favoured method is in Mac / Windows, but in Linux you can use:

    cat >>
    cat >>
    cat >>
    cat >>
    cat Sigur_Ros - >>

    4) This leaves you with a single large zip file, You can then unzip and you should be off.

    AVI's are particularly fussy, so if the last part isn't unzipped, renamed and joined correctly, none of the file will typically play no matter how you try to convert it.

    Playing the resultant AVI now :-)

  5. Oops, just noticed when I pasted the last command, I also failed to replace all the underscore. It should have read:

    cat >>

    This is because I didn't actually bother to rename; as I'm joining manually, it doesn't really matter what the name is. But important to get it right for other OS / joining progs.

  6. After help from Linux-wizard got working AVI. It was worth the struggle!

    Especially like the beginning of Hafsol, with Jonsi bitching around, propably because of monitoring problems. He is REALLY upset here.

  7. Popplagið is not in the video.

  8. Sorry - original didnt have it. I now have Popplagio BUT i have to remaster the sound + join it to the rest of the video and then Re upload - Will be a little while as im very busy at the moment but it will be done : )

  9. Great Video with great sound, hope we get the popplagio part soon.

    from France

  10. me too!! - I havn't forgotten - been busy & a tiny bit lazy

  11. Hi, fantastic site! Either Rapidshare is acting up or the link to part 4 is broken.

  12. Im aware of the broken link. Sorry. I lost the video in a hd crash BUT a friend is sending me a copy of the video so as soon as I get it I will re-upload it :)


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