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Sigur ros - BBC Culture Show - 20.10.2007

Sigur ros - BBC Culture Show - 20.10.2007

Video and Audio - Exclusive live studio acoustic version of Njosnavelin. An essential viewing for Sigur ros fans and in fact everyone. This is the best interview i have seen of them to date. It shows them as they are, despite enormous success, still very much down to earth and quite humble. Its geat to hear Jonsi finally reveal the truth behind 'Hopelandic' his made up lanquage! I like Verity Sharp, she is doing a similar job to the late John Peel with the BBC show 'Late Junction' Watch her face during the performance!

Verity Sharp meets the four-piece band Sigur Ros in their native Iceland and on their visit to the UK for the 2007 Electric Proms. They have sold two million albums globally and their haunting music has been used as a soundtrack on trailers for the BBC series Planet Earth. They talk about their unique sound and their film Heima, which chronicles a series of unannounced gigs in Iceland in 2006.

01 Njosnavelin exclusive acoustic track only

02 Complete interview - audio only
03 Complete video
04 Njosnavelin - Loss Less FLAC

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