Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sigur ros - BBC Electric Proms - 25.10.2007 Dvdrip

And here for your visual pleasure is the video of the concert. This is not the low quality 80MB rip that has been widely available but a rip direct from the DVD. Its split into 3 files. To rejoin you will need win zip or the free 7 zip. (In general, right click and 'extract files' should work) Please let me know ASAP if you have any problems, or click on link below, this being my first Video file splitting adventure

Track list:

01 Heima
02 Samskyeti
03 Vaka
04 Von
05 Staralfur

New Links - 05/02/2011
[MF] Download .rar - Part 1    Part 2


  1. that's a great live of sigur ros..
    but after i finish all of this, right click and 'extract files' doesnt work ! thx..

  2. you need to right click on file oo1 extract files. then the rest follow on automatically. If u still have problems please e-mail me direct so we can make sure u can receive this beautiful concert

  3. Hello! Links for this concert are broken...can you do something ? THANXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!! Jean-Louis (france).

  4. new links should be up in an a couple of hours :)

  5. the first link is bad


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