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Sigur Rós - Pukklepop Festival, 16.08.2008 - VIDEO

Sigur Rós - Pukklepop Festival, 16.08.2008 - VIDEO

Lineage: Web Stream>WM 12 Capture / Danisoft Media Converter = Mpeg4 320/240 - 30fps - 48kHz Vbr

NEW! A really lovely new video from 2008. The camera work is particularly well done and the colours are just beautiful. Huge thanks to Didier for kindly sharing this with us. There are a few small glitches with the video but nothing major.
NB: You need to use 7-zip to unzip and rejoin the files. With windows, once installed > right click file 001 > 'open with' > 'search for program'.> select 7-zip > tick 'always use this program' box. Your computer now recognises the files. Now right click file 001 again & select 'extract' They will unzip & rejoin automatically. There is also a Mac version at the bottom of the download page:

Apologies to those who have had difficulties. I hope the above makes the process clear. If you still have problems please email me direct & I will work to ensure that one way or another you can get this concert.

Set List:

01 Glósóli
02 Hoppípolla
03 Með blóðnasir
04 Við spilum endalaust
05 Festival
06 Sæglópur
07 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
08 Hafssól
09 Gobbledigook
10 Popplagið

[MF] Download - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
(split & zipped with 7-zip - right click on 001 > extract )


  1. I'm a MAC user and cannot get these files to work :( Do you know what I can do to watch them?

  2. Hi sunnO - have a look through the help & FAQ section (top right) - if none of that works get in contact with bird_gerhl over on the Sigur ros message board. If she can't help you email me direct and we will sort something out. Don't worry though, one way or another you will have this video :D

  3. what is the setlist of this performance? is a complete concert? thank you!

  4. Hi Phinot, sorry Im working on some big projects at the moment and had to take the opportunity to get some stuff posted... More Details now posted :)

  5. Zipping problems ):
    Tried with MacHacha, BetterZip and StuffIt, but no luck.
    I can't tell whether it is an issue with a single archive or all of them.

  6. Hi Tristan,
    Its an on going issue for Mac users. It seems a bit pot luck whether or not it works. Did you go through the FAQ section? on this blog.
    If all fails please email me so we can find a way to get this video to you :)

  7. Yes I read the FAQ when I first discovered the site, months ago.
    By the way, I also own a windows machine with 7-zip installed on it.
    In the next days, I will try and extract the files from there, hoping it will work. Thanks

  8. Tristan: Please let me know you get on, especially any solutions you may find with zipping & Mac's. I would love to be able to help mac users with this particular issue

  9. The first part is .zip but the other 3 parts appear in my computer as unknown files... I can't unzipped them.

  10. also have the problem that the files do not recognized as a zip. when i rename the ending to .zip i will not extract either ("archive is damaged").
    thank you for uploading it nonetheless!

  11. Please follow the instructions exactly as it says above, change nothing!
    using 7-zip, once installed - right click on track 1 (.001) and select either 'extract' or 'extract to' select the folder and go...
    they are zip files BUT they are all automatically split by z-zip so when you re-zip it unzips and rejoins them automatically :)
    * If you do the above and it still doesn't work for you, please email me direct so we can work out a different solution for you to get the video *

  12. Even with 7-zip and following all conceivable methods, the program claims it can not recognise any of these files as "archive" files !

  13. ok, thanks Paul. I will check the files this end and get back to you.

  14. The files test fine here so there another 4 things I need to check. In general I need specifics to trace the problem... but try this 1st
    Solution 1:
    1, Having installed z-zip. right click on file 001 > open with > (box will say windows doesn't recognize...' so > 'search for program' > select 7zip file manager > now you should have no problem
    2, do not extract to the folder where the downloads are > extract to a different folder
    3, If your using a Mac...
    A few of us have been trying to work out a way for this to work.
    However there is versions of 7-zip for mac at the bottom of the page:

  15. Okay ..... associated 7-zip with each of the four files via "open with". That did allow me to right click on .001 file and extract to a new directory and, yes, it creates a 300mb+ file ending .zip but now that won't open with anything. Says its not an archive file. Help !

  16. ~ The file should be 388mb so if its less than that then did you have all 4 files?
    ~ upon right clicking, you 'extract to' and then it extracts and that file is a zip file?
    ~ It should extract from the 4 files into an mp4 video file.
    Hmmmmmm, ~ open '7zip file manager' from 'programs' go the files location. Select all 4 files and select 'test' and tell me what it says

    ... where getting there :)

  17. If you find an error in 1 of the files then I think its just a case of re-downloading the corrupted file.
    If it says the files are ok but still it doesn't work for you, let me know & will send it to you snail mail

  18. When I test the four files in 7-zip, they all say "can not open file as archive".

  19. All four files when tested in 7-zip state "can not open as archive file"

  20. In that case, as they work fine this end I can only conclude that either in the upload or during the download 1 or all were damaged.
    1. You could try downloading them again
    2. I might just re-upload but I will try a different zip. - But I have some other big uploads to do 1st so it will take a few days
    3. If you want to email me direct I am more than happy to just send you a copy on a disk, it really is no problem for me + no more stress for you!

    Just let me know. sorry to cause any grief with this upload. I am here:

  21. Okay - redownloaded all four files and I now seem to have a 388mb MP4 file so must have had a corrupted piece earlier ! Many thanks for your help Jon - keep up the great work !

  22. Thanks for your patience Paul, so glad we got it sorted it out :)


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